Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Giảng Dạy Tại Trường Trung Học

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1.Internship content

1.1.Assigned tasks and responsibilities

– Being a tutor, assisting students in the learning process with foreign teachers, improving students’ learning awareness and discipline.

– Participating in 8 periods under the guidance of professional groups and teaching instructors, attending 8 periods according to the school’s regulations and extra-scheduled hours to learn from experience.

– Preparing exercises, tests, lesson plans and lectures of the subject.

– Practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing English as well as presentation skill.

– Translating and explaining new words into Vietnamese for students.

– Developing and maintaining a record of grades in each lesson as well as notify parents of their child’s progress.

– Consolidating knowledge for students having difficulty learning English.

– Practicing IT skills: typing skills, MS-office skills; such as Power Point, Word, Excel, etc.

1.2.Working conditions and methodology

Tran Huy Lieu Secondary School and the Department of Education and Training of Phu Nhuan District provide lots of opportunities regarding supports for teaching profession, provide the modern teaching facilities as well as other senior teachers and administrators patiently instructed and supported.

Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Giảng Dạy Tại Trường Trung Học Consulting with some intern teachers, teaching methodology is supported and consulted by senior instructors such as the assisting from the foreign teachers in managing classroom, supporting lesson plans, and imparting knowledge to students, etc. As a result of lots of supports, intern teachers learned experiences for themselves and are gradually familiar with teaching methodology of school.

2.The advantages and disadvantages in internship


– School’s administrators provide good conditions and environment for internship.

– The headmaster and the supervisor actively and patiently instructed.

– A working environment is full of friendliness, healthiness and warm co-operation among colleagues.

– Working schedule is convenient. Teaching is started in afternoon every day from Monday to Saturday; hence it is easy to set up for other works.

– Foreign teachers give the feedbacks that are essential for helping the teaching assistant to evaluate their working plans and materials and to assess students learning progress.

– Students love their intern teachers.

– Presentation skills in class, attention attracting skills, good English speaking skills of the head teacher are good, which are good example for the intern teacher.

– Students’ parents create opportunities for their children to join extra-course activities organized by the teachers and schools.

– The school is located in convenient position.

– Good facilities assist teachers to provide lessons.


Besides the advantages, there are also some disadvantages such as:

– The lack of skills in lesson plan preparation can be considered the biggest of the difficulties that I have encountered. Most interns lack this skill because of less opportunities to challenge lesson planning.

– Teaching style is not professional.

Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Giảng Dạy Tại Trường Trung Học Class management is not very good. Lack of experience in handling pedagogical situations. There are mistakes which exist in student management as these students are growing and they need supports from staffs/teachers of school. For example, students sometimes are playful and stubborn, which made the intern teacher confused in managing them while the head teacher and other senior teachers, with teaching experiences, can manage them easily and quickly.

– Teaching assistant who is still lack of. For example, I sometimes answer students while the foreign teachers are still teaching, so it seems to be impolite.

XEM THÊM : Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Ngôn Ngữ Anh Dịch Song Ngữ

3.Internship results

3.1.Work have been achieved

General works

– Assuring the internship schedule to be on time.

– Understanding a real training at school.

– Constructing a close relationship between interns and students, interns and teachers.

– Understanding students’ thoughts to build up teaching experiences.

– Applying knowledge learned from universities to real teaching environment.

– Learning teaching experiences and classroom management skills of supervisors.

Works achieved as an intern head teacher

– Meeting the head teacher of intern class and get acquainted with intern class.

– Figuring out characteristics of class (disciplines, studying, living, ability of students, manners, etc.) through creating surveys for students, talking with class’s staffs and teacher).

– Attending classes all week, urge students to review lessons, clean the classroom, perform salute, play game activities, and do exercises during class breaks.

– Encouraging and assisting some students to improve and resolve difficulties in learning.

– Usually reminding students who violated disciplines and class’ head team members to track on team members regularly.

– Observing and learning manners, head teacher methodology, organizing methodology, class management skill of head teachers to learn experiences from them.

– Performing and complying tightly with regulation, manners conductions released by the school.

– Listening to and comprehending ideas of the head teacher.

– Being close to students, listening to their thoughts, expectations and respond accordingly.

– Assuring the common targets and details objectives during internship – as an intern head teacher.

3.2.Self- assessment of teaching performance

Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Giảng Dạy Tại Trường Trung Học In the first week, I attended sample teaching class of my supervisor. Through a sample teaching class, I learned experiences for myself to prepare for my next lessons. Drafted and prepared four lessons plans which were reviewed and additionally instructed by my supervisor; it was prepared for next the eight lessons.

In the next 3 weeks, I drafted and prepared lessons plans for all lessons as well as practiced teaching before attending classes. I performed eight lessons under assignments of administration board and supervisor. I was assessed by the supervisor as well as received suggestions to correct mistakes after each lesson.

I also attended other lessons of other intern teachers with the same specialization to learn experiences from them.

In addition, as a teaching assistant of English, I also have to help the foreign teachers keep class quite while explaining the lesson. I helped the teacher translate some difficult words into Vietnamese and assisted students in their learning.

Being supported and instructed by supervisors through sample teaching classes and attending other intern teaching classes, I learnt lots of experiences, especially information delivering skills, time adjustment and management, and activities organizing in classes.

XEM THÊM : Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Ngôn Ngữ Anh Tại Công Ty Du Lịch

Báo Cáo Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Giảng Dạy Tại Trường Trung Học
Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Giảng Dạy Tại Trường Trung Học


My knowledge was not delivered briefly, concisely and easily to understand. Time allocation for each lesson was not appropriate when sometimes I have lots of idle time whereas sometimes I was lack of time to teach lessons.

The majority of intern teachers cannot manage all their class or they stood at one place during teaching.

Lessons were concentrated primarily on theories instead of making a connection with reality.

Studying in schools was totally different with teaching progress; therefore, I had some limitations.

4.General conclusion about internship

4.1.General assessment of the internship

I would like to assess my internship progress in the most objective way as follows.

During the internship, I realized that the school where I practiced was a very good environment, the facilities and conditions to ensure the teaching, the team of teachers who are enthusiastic about the profession, professional working style and devoted. I was assisted by senior teachers and supervisors to experience in real pedagogy environment. I joined teaching activities at school and participated in other school’s activities, extra- curriculum activities, etc.

During the internship, I always present fully and punctually according to the regulations and have the right behavior of the teacher. Always strictly obey the rules and regulations of pedagogical practice, obey the direction of the administrators and instructors. Always respect, keep a polite, respectful attitude towards teachers and staff in the school, always be courteous to students. Always follow the instructions of the teacher and unite with friends during practice to complete the assigned plan well.

After finishing internship at the school, I have collected experiences through intern teaching classes in addition to recognizing my mistakes and weaknesses which need to be improved.


The internship has increased my confidence level and activeness in working. I built up colleague relationship as well as actively researched teaching resources and developed teaching capacity and learnt experiences from working environment. The achievements were contributed by instructions of my supervisors and other senior teachers at the school.

I understand the important role of teachers who have high responsibilities to educate pupils. Being a class head teacher, an instructor, a knowledge deliverer, the teacher must enhance her teaching capacity and soft skills. She should be highly aware of working ethics and must have healthy lifestyles so that pupils can follow and learn from the teacher.

In order to be a teacher with good profession, the key to success is the relationship between students and teachers. Good results of students are mainly driven by high awareness of teachers regarding students’ thoughts, wishes and expectations.


My teaching skills are not as good as other senior teachers as there were some confusion which occurred in classes. The way of delivering knowledge has not reflected the general, brief and coherent ideas which should have been more easily to understand. The reason is that I need regularly practice teaching profession needs to be usually practiced and enhanced in the future.

The lack of experience as being a class head teacher requires lots of things to be done. The problems include problems handling and pupil management.

4.4.Lessons learned from the internship

Through 4 weeks of training process at Tran Huy Lieu Secondary School, I got a lot valuable working experience and soft skills. In my opinion, these precious experiences will help me a lot for my work. The following is some of experiences which I gained during this internship.

Firstly, the internship course brought to me the opportunity to use my English knowledge through communicating with foreign teachers and translating many documents. I recognized that my English is improved so much through practice.

Chuyên Đề Thực Tập Tiếng Anh Giảng Dạy Tại Trường Trung Học Secondly, with the guides of my supervisor and everybody in the school, I understanding more about the psychological life of students: innocent, innocent, easily affected by the surrounding environment.

Moreover, in spite of short time of internship, the internship course at the school makes me feel more confident than before.

In conclusion, after this internship, I feel grown-up with skills to solve difficulties.


The time of four weeks for my internship course seemed too short for me to get enough experience in teaching and skills for the job. So I recommend the time for internship course should be longer.

Through the internship at the school, I realized that the teaching and learning at the school are good, but according to my perception, there are the following assessments:

– The facilities at the school have been modernly invested, the classes are equipped with modern teaching equipment such as using projectors, televisions with large screens to teach, but the rooms are not equipped with computers. So almost all teachers have to equip themselves with computers to teach. It is recommended that the school have computers for each classroom.

– Typically, teaching is a hard job while teachers spend much time on teaching at school and planing lessons at home with low salaries so numerous teachers face a lot of difficulties in lives. I suggest that the school administrators, departments and local authorities pay more attention to improve teachers’ lives.

– Numerous busy parents do not care their children’s study so the teaching and learning quality is not ensured.  I recommend that there be online reports to remind the parents about their children’s study daily.

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