Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại công ty may mặc (💯)

Gửi đến các bạn sinh viên thân mến mẫu đề tài Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại công ty may mặc, dùng trong các bài báo cáo thực tập, khóa luận, luận văn,… Đây hứa hẹn sẽ là một mẫu bài có ích dành gửi đến các bạn sinh viên. Hy vọng sẽ phù hợp với các bạn, và giúp các bạn đạt được điểm cao trong bài làm của mình.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (Báo cáo thực tập tại công ty may mặc )

To complete the graduate internship report, I have received a lot of support from teachers, family, friends…
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the teachers of Binh Duong University have enthusiastically communicated to me of knowledge, experiences of their lifetime during 2 years I was trained under the roof of the school.
During the fact-finding in the company, I have learned a lot of knowledge and gather more information needed to cater for my thematic. Even there are just 8 weeks, this is the good opportunity to approach the author and reality of a business unit economics. I would like to extend thanks to the directors, especially Exim department of Green Vina CO., LTD supply all officials and employees create favorable conditions for authors complete this symposium.
Finally, please send thank to family and friends for supporting, helping me during the last time.

1. Introduction

1.1 Background information about the company
Tax code: 3700880027
Address: Binh Dang street, Hoa Binh Ward, Thuan An town, Binh Duong province
Business license: 461043000300 – Date: March 10th, 2008
Director: Mr. OH HYEONG SEOP
– The company’s main activity is the production of high-grade garments, and capacity to the UK market, the USA, Canada, Australia…
– The company products are very diverse and rich as: Classic Cleather, Junior, Children Classic, Cuddle Up Novelty…
– The only company currently outsourcing the Reebok brand, a famous brand in the world, all these products are only manufactured for export to foreign countries, not for domestic consumption.

1.2 Organizational structure and principles of operation

1.2.1.Organizational structure
Picture 1: The organization chart of the company

The organization chart of the company
The organization chart of the company

1.2.2. Leaders obligations and rights
General Manager:
– The head of the company, who has decision-making authority all matters related to the company, as decisions on all import and export activities of the company as prescribed by state.
– General Manager directly oversees, track changes, supervise other division, as the one has responsible for legislation about all activities of the company.
– Decision the development of the company directly. The decision to increase or decrease charter capital, decision instance and mode of financing. Deciding to manage the organizational structure of the company.
– Modify and supplement regulation, decided to re-organize or dissolve the company

Accounting Department:
– Organization and management of the entire accounting activities, financial decentralization, and the rules, follow to the provisions of the state.
– The accounting company’s business activities in accordance with the Ordinance on statistical accounting of the State, etc. Make domestic payments, international payments and help the Board of Directors to be aware of the company’s activities. Manage all corporate fund as prescribed by the state. Perform financial reporting system and storage, preserve the full accounting according to the current rules.
– Build an annual financial plan.

Administration Department:
The company’s personnel organization, departments, plans for recruitment of construction labor, annual paid plans. Manage departments and HR resource, pay wages as prescribed by state. Manage all property, office equipment of the company.
The implementation of employment policy, social insurance, perform desk, preservation of records as prescribed. Manage subsidiary parts.

Dispatch Department:
Carriage of goods to the company own inventory or warehouse of the client, or from the warehouse to the port, the port of entry. Work with agencies such as: appraisal, schedule, testing…Working with the organization related to the process of delivery depend on the kind of goods as specified by the state such as: Ministry of Public health, test mechanism. Responsible for the coordination, follow-up testing, monitoring of vehicles and the legitimate transport partners about document are related directly to the delivery. Responsible for handling the loss in transit, on the mistake in documents according to the periodical report on forwarding.

Exim Department:
* Exim staff: Female
– Follow up the material balance
– Do customs clearance for export
– Make export consumption for each order
– Make processing contract liquidation

* Exim staff: Male
– Working with forwarders to make bookings and receive a booking confirmation.
– Working with orders team and warehouse department to arrange truck and container for loading.
– Survey loading in truck and containers during loading in the warehouse.
– Survey unloading goods in forwarder’s warehouse.
– Report the shipment status for each shipment.
– Go to port/airport to do customs clearance.
– Make a daily import-export report.

Use to archive all goods when the company received it but not delivered to the customer in time, or contain goods while waiting for customs formalities complete when making export and manage product quantity on all systems. In addition, the company also has many teams responsible for coordinating, maintaining the vehicle, arranging drivers for delivery, sale management search and signed the contract of freight forwarding.


2. Description of internship

2.1. The brief overview of the function of the office
Description of the real job.
My job is a receptionist in the company. I have to enter the documents, receive and reply the emails from the customers every day. I usually take samples and send them to customers. Besides, I do photocopy and scan documents… Through this work, I know how to use the scan and the fax machine. The difficult work in my job is comparing the price in the list with the price in the computer. It seems to be simple, but it is not when you begin to prepare checking lists. Moreover, I have to compare the colors of these samples with the colors in the color book and I write the color name, the color code out, then I send these documents to my superiors. In addition, I usually go to the factory to check the process to produce the goods with my supervisor.
My work in the office requires calm, concessions and listen to superiors’ request. I spent 8 weeks on training in the Green Vina CO., LTD. I went to the company 3 days a week (from Monday to Friday). Follow the internship diary below and see what I have done at Green Vina CO., LTD.

2.2. Lessons learned from the internship
Through 8 weeks of training process at the Green Vina CO., LTD, I got a lot of valuable working experiences and soft skills such as “How to communicate with your director? how to communicate with your partners? how to answer the emails from customers?”. I believe these experiences will help me a lot for my job in the future.
In addition, I recognize that my English is really improved so much when I work in this company. This is an opportunity for me to practice and improve my English, especially speaking and listening skills in communicate and work with foreign customers at the workplace. Besides, I also improve my writing skills by answer the customers’ emails. (And now, I know how to sale, how to manage, how to train and solve problems.)
On the other hand, I know how to use the photocopy and the scan machine, how to receive and reply emails, how to check samples, how to check products…. These reality experiences I have never experienced. In conclusion, after this internship time, I become grow up with experience to solve the difficulties. I feel more confident when I talk with my customers and in many situations in the company. Therefore, they have to have some necessary quality, as follows:

– Good appearance, professional skills, professional style with fluent foreign language, ability to communicate well and cultural- society understanding.
– Be hospitality, courteous, friendly, gentle with guests
– High self- awareness, good time management, high under pressure
– Quick reaction and the ability to resolve situations rising well, keep calm in many cases.
– Listen carefully, this is the most important points since customers show how dissatisfied they are and fell respectful, interested in them or not based on their answer. In this case, the receptions have to suspend the work being done to listen to customer complaints.
– Should apology for any problems without blaming on any factors
– Be sympathetic to the customer by sincere words. Staff should put yourself in the shoes of the visitors to identify customer exasperation in order to these comforting words, share best easy listening.
– Focus on the customer compliances referred to without comment.

Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại công ty may mặc
Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại công ty may mặc

3. Defects

– Just exposed to the theory at school and not having access to reality, there were many mistakes in the internship.
– Not familiar with the new working environment, that reasons my ability was limited.
– Theoretical and practical knowledge are not similar, so many difficulties in the work.

4. Conclusion (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại công ty may mặc )

This internship helped me gain a lot of practical experiences about office work. During the internship, I have learned some new knowledge and skills to help me get a better overview of administrative work in authority. Although I encountered some difficulties in the office work environment at the beginning, I was initially adapting to the new working environment with the enthusiastic guidance of my mentor. The knowledge has been learned in the classroom combined with the observation process gained during the internship helped me partly understand how the work of a real office staff.

5. References

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