Download Assignment: marketing mix in global environment (Ngân hàng BIDV)

 TABLE OF CONTENTS Marketing mix on BIDV operation

Introduction  2


  • Theory
  • Marketing mix on BIDV operation            5
  1. Product/Services 5
  2. Price 6
  3. Place 6
  4. Promotion 7


  • Market research       11
  • Macro- environment            12
  • Micro environment  16
  • Porter’s Five Forces Model            16
  • SWOT            19
  • Define the export strategy 22
  • Target market            22
  • Marketing Mix (4P) for export strategy   23
  • Conclusion    26
  • Reference      27

marketing in global environment

Integrating international economy is general trend in Viet Nam. Recent years, many economic achievements we have been developing are big and important devotions in accomplishing many business policies at present.
With the general development of social economy, the market of financial and banking field has widened strongly since years. The customers’s needs are being satisfied better by many new products and services. Beside the essential strengths such as saving account, traditional loan, the development of retail market has been become the potential market and estimate that can bring more profits in the future, especially in this difficult case.
Joint stock of Bank for Investment and Development in Vietnam (BIDV) aim to retail nearby recently is the top importance of development strategy. However, because the products of many banking competitors are likely, it cause the severe face up about the expenditures, even some banks are trouble of selling services at a extremely loss. These put BIDV in challenge that finding where to focus and how to change to become a realy moderning retail bank.
Attaching importance to simulate the trading card market is the service branch that gives customers many conveniences in payment as well as administrates their consumption. In 2012, BIDV has had many basic achievements in increasing guest market; develop new products and business strategy of card branch. In the end of 2012, BIDV cross-overed many competitors to own the monopoly authorization of issuing credit card Visa BIDV MU (brand joint ownership with Manchester United football club).
As the marketing CEO of BIDV, I recognize that BIDV MU visa credit card is a distint and special item for Manchester United’s fans. There are an extremely large numbers of MU’s fans all over the world, and arcording to MU’s datas from May 2012, these are about 659 milion fans, make up 1/10 world population, a record number.
To create more chances for expanding card market particularly and for retail banking products of BIDV generally, I concentrate to develop card products to foreign market, prior to Russia Federation.

Marketing mix on BIDV operation


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